Mass Directory is founded on the principles of ethical business practices, uncompromising standards of safety and quality, and strong leadership. We offer a wide range of professional services which include handyman services, general household and office renovations, repair, maintenance, landscaping, electrical and plumbing – all executed by a highly skilled team of dedicated contractors.

Our quality promise stems from a customer centric organizational culture, where products and services are tailored for ultimate customer satisfaction. Our process demands integrity and exceptional delivery from conceptualization to completion ensuring remarkable caft and pristine finishes. Our commitment to customer service is further solidified by our guarantee on all workmanship.

Mass Directory currently operates in Johannesburg, Midrand and Tshwane regions. Projects outside of this region may be considered depending on size and geographical location. Our purpose is to provide you with a service that is consistent, professional and on time. Mass Directory will manage the entire project process and ensure all products and services delivered are aligned to your vision and exceed your expectations.